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Port Promotes Freeport's Attraction For Call Centres

The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) has partnered with Freeport-based business process outsourcing (BPO) operator, itelBPO Solutions, to promote the city for a third consecutive year.

The two joined forces at the 19th Annual Customer Contact Week (CCW) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year's expo saw, for the first time, a combined advertising push by Caribbean promotional units, including the GBPA's Invest Grand Bahama; Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA); Jampro Trade & Investment Jamaica; Factories Corporation of Jamaica; and representatives from Haiti and Curacao.

These organisations joined forces to highlight the Caribbean's attraction for BPO providers. Invest Grand Bahama, in particular, highlighted the island's close proximity to the US eastern seaboard and quality infrastructure in the Caribbean.

Sebastian Tickle, itelBPO Solutions' vice-president, said: "Since its introduction to Freeport, Grand Bahama, itelBPO continues to grow and deliver voice and digital front-line service for a number of clients. The local market has been favourable, and the level of education and professionalism displayed by the agents is commendable."

Derek Newbold, the GBPA's senior manager of business development, said: "Grand Bahama is poised to attract more investment from BPO operators eager to find nearshore outsourcing opportunities in new locations.

"Our sophisticated workforce, self-replenishing talent pool, proximity to North America, economic stability, and its established contact centre activity, are a few of the reasons why Grand Bahama's BPO stakeholders believe its value to both providers and their clients make it a strategic choice to deliver a superb customer experience."

Ian Rolle, the GBPA's president, added: "Grand Bahama will continue to distinguish itself in the contact centre industry by offering quality agent services from our self-replenishing talent pool, and our skilled labour force that specialises in the tourism, financial services, and logistics industries.

"Grand Bahama will also continue to provide stability, investor support and accessibility through our concierge service, in addition to BPO incentives. As a result, Grand Bahama will gain more prominence in the global outsourcing market."

Source: Tribune 242


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